We almost rescheduled this shoot because it was calling for rain. As I drove to them, it started pouring and I was worried. And then I remembered that I always wanted to take engagement pictures under the pouring rain! Luckily, these two were all for it!

Honestly, this photoshoot associates with one word for me: freedom. I allowed myself to crop “wrong”, keep blurry out of focus photos, use the “wrong” lighting and adjust colours the way I don’t normally do. And oh, how freeing is that?

This is why I’ll never get tired of photography. I can always change, adjust and evolve.

Also, isn’t that the coolest building? And these two get to live there! Rahel and Wendy told me it used to be the town hall. And they moved there when the pandemic started because they no longer needed to be in the city. So every misfortune really comes with a silver lining (if we choose to see it this way).

What do you think of these technically imperfect captures?