Where do I even start? I’m simply obsessed with this shoot, these two, and, of course, the backdrop. I’m not typically that focused on the location of the shoot. As long as the light is good, I can shoot anywhere. But being surrounded by such nature’s wonders creates pure magic.

We decided to meet by one of the less popular lakes in Alberta to avoid crowds. As we were driving to Bow Lake, our cell connection disappeared. Shortly after it started pouring. I had no idea how we’d meet up with Marcela and Gus.

We arrived, parked the car, I changed into warmer clothes right in the parking lot, and took out my camera. Right at that moment a guy came up to me and said: “Maria?”. I honestly thought they might not even show up — a few minutes ago it was raining like crazy!

Despite my worries, this shoot was one for the books. Marcela jumped out of her car in a beautiful dress, in heels, and said she’s ready. She walked up and down the hills, stood in the rain and rather cold conditions and didn’t complain once. All she and Gus projected was love and excitement. I couldn’t believe it!

I hope we meet with them again because we honestly had the best time together. Their amazing attitude, passion for adventure and dedication to photography made my work almost way too easy.