I feel so fortunate that I get to capture such stunning engagements. Ashley and Shlomi are such a perfect and cute couple. We met at a Portuguese restaurant called Mercado to capture their engagement. This place means a lot to the couple, so it's so meaningful to have engagement photos taken there.

This shoot felt more like going out for lunch with friends. We talked about our lives, tried delicious Portuguese food, and took some photos in between. My favourite thing about these two is how they send air kisses to each other all the time. It's the cutest thing ever!

There's a portrait of Ashley's favourite singer on the wall of this restaurant. When Ashley saw it and heard her song start playing, she even got a little emotional.

Taking photos in such meaningful places is everything.

When I was taking individual portraits of Shlomi, I first asked him just to look to his side. Then I asked him to look at Ashley who was sitting behind me. The way his facial expression changed was priceless.