We got a message from Jonathan who was looking for an engagement photographer. I congratulated him right away only to realize that he’s not yet engaged! He was planning a proposal for his girlfriend and my heart started pumping. I felt all of the anticipation of the moment!

After discussing various skating rinks in the city, both Jonathan and I agreed that nothing is more stylish, cozy and artsy than Evergreen Brickworks. It helped that the staff there was so accommodating! They agreed to close down the rink and let us use it after hours on the Family Day long weekend (1 day after Valentine’s Day too!).

We arrived there early and helped their friends find the best spot, decorate it with rose petals and stay warm. When Jonathan brought Jessica there, she must have known right away that something magical was about to happen.

We offered to take a picture of them. And as we were doing it, Jonathan went down on one knee and Jessica’s eyes filled with happy tears. She helped him up and promised that she would do so for the rest of their lives. Their friends and family jumped out from their hiding spots and started hugging them.

We spent another hour in this beautiful space and later Jessica and Jonathan celebrated with their loved ones. No wonder Jessica had a feeling that morning that something’s about to happen! When she got that feeling, she made sure that her apartment wasclean and ready for guests – just in case 😉

Congratulations on your engagement, Jessica + Jonathan! Enjoy this wonderful time in your life.

P.S. Doesn’t Jessica remind you of Kelly Clarkson? <3