When I stepped into this stunning house, the first thing I thought was: “Oh my Gosh, this is Cullen’s house from Twilight!”. I picked up my jaw from the floor and made my way upstairs to meet the bride. My jaw dropped once more – Shannon is a real-life Little Mermaid!

When I saw their elegant families, when I heard them speak and saw them all cry during the ceremony, I knew for a fact that I was witnessing something very special.

“When Shannon just started going out with Jasin, I thought to myself – it’s too bad he’s the first and not the last,” – shared Shannon’s mum during her speech. “I’m so glad I was wrong!” – she continued.

So many amazing things happened that day.

  1. Shannon forgot her bouquet and realized it after she walked down the aisle. Her mum ran back to get it.
  2. Shannon and Jasin specifically requested to get pictures of them lying in the bathtub. These are probably my favourite pictures from the whole day.
  3. The way Shannon and her dad cried during their father-daughter dance will melt even the coldest of hearts, I’m sure!

Congratulations Shannon & Jasin! You’re my fairy tale come true!