Life moves so darn fast. I realize it more and more every year. And each year I find myself more nostalgic.

I hang on to the memories. I want a time machine so damn much! Just to get back to those happy moments and relive them.

You know what’s the closest thing to that time machine? Photographs. At least for me.

When I look at the pictures I have with my family, with Sergiy, with my friends, I get transported back to those moments. Just for a second. I remember what I felt that day, what I thought, what we talked about. It’s incredibly special.

That’s why I always make sure I capture these special moments. Even when they seem like everyday moments. For me and for you. This is why I do what I do. To preserve those fleeting memories forever.

This day, when Paighton and Trevor got married, reminded me of this phenomenon. Being there, together with their closest friends and family, as they promised to spend a lifetime together, was incredible. From heartfelt moments during the ceremony to hilarious dance moves in the evening – everything was perfect.

My favorite? Their first look. And how Trevor teared up and Paighton told him to “stop it”.